Gettin tired

And it’s time to rest my head

Trips like this we just call 'em medicine

What a release what a reflection

And now I, I am grateful

Truth be told I’m mystified

While this life Unfolds


And when we’re enveloped

In our gentle tears

Drownin in our sorrows

And local beers

Let’s not forget to

Enjoy the show

Just sit right next to me

And we’ll help each other grow

And be all we were born to be

We were born to be


Mountain mamma

Blow your second wind

Cause there’s just

Too much for me to see

And it’s too early to give in

Mountain mamma

Told me look within

Told me to release

Told me to forgive it all

And be grateful

Truth be told be mystified

While this life Unfolds


So cheers

To developmental years

Enveloped in your gentle tears

Drownin in your sorrows

And your local beers

Still leanin on them same old local peers

Take a little wisdom

Throw it in your ears

Everything is not always as it appears

See that mamma bear over there (x2)

She may appear to be a monster

But she’s acting out of fear