We would like our first album to authentically represent the beginning of our musical journey. This consists of two brothers, their voices, and their guitars and that’s what the listener can expect to hear on the album. As we walk further down this path, we expect to grow, to expand, and to branch out musically. With an acoustic singer-songwriter core, we think this album gives our audience a familiar but evolved Corcoran Brothers sound. At the same time, we feel the album expresses enough stylistic variety to allow us to pivot in several different musical directions in the future. So whether you’re into folk, rock, country, r&b, soul, blues, or pop, hopefully you’ll be able to find at least one song that you can vibe with. 

    On the album cover the Tiger and Dalmatian are seen walking down a path that appears to be unfolding before them, a path leading away from home (Pleasant Hill) and branching out into the forest. We think the characters of the Tiger and Dalmatian mirror the themes of contrast and balance that drive the creative force in The Corcoran Brothers music. The play on feline vs. canine energy, the stripes and spots, the two coming together to create a balance that ultimately strengthens the other are what The Corcoran Brothers is all about.


    Ideally, we’d love the album to be listened to front to back with good headphones on but that’s only if you want to. To those who are familiar with our music and are wondering why one of their favorite tunes wasn’t on this album, it’s most likely because we decided to save it for our next album, or keep it as a special live track for the fans.


    Huge thank you to our unwavering family, our dear friends Chris, Marie, Brett and everyone else who helped record and inspire this album. We love you, we are truly grateful and appreciative of your time, energy and resources, and we couldn’t have done it without you. In the infinite game of catch and release that we call life, I think this is the release part. Be free Morning Breaks! Cheers! 

The Corcoran Brothers